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FAST Complex Tournament Protocols



Tournament Entry Purchasing Procedures

Wristband Price:  $5.00 (cash only)

Purchase Options:

  • ONLY the Head Coach and/or Team Rep can purchase wristbands.

  • NO individual wristbands will be sold.

  • We will refund UNUSED wristbands ONLY, but they MUST be turned in by the team rep before noon.

Wristband Pickup Days / Times:

  • ONLY the Head Coach and/or Team Rep can pick up wristbands.

  • Wristbands can be picked up the week prior to the tournament on Thursday, from 1:00pm-6:00pm or Saturday/Sunday morning at 6:45am.



  • Please DO NOT come to the facility if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:
    • Symptoms Include: cough, shortness of breath, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, feeling feverish or temp above 100 degrees.
    • Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19.
  • Again, if any of the above apply – DON’T COME TO THE FACILITY!


  • At FAST Complex we will have hand sanitizer on every volleyball court.
  • All coaches and/or players will enter the gym through the south east door marked Players and Coaches entrance and have their temperatures taken. Coaches are not permitted to bring their children to the matches, unless their children/family members are playing that day in this facility.
  • All coaches/players will be required to wear a face covering while entering the facility and remain on.
  • Coaches MUST wear face covering the entire time while inside the facility.
  • Players MUST wear face covering the entire time until they are actively participating in the current match.
  • Teams will NOT switch sides and/or benches during the match.
  • The benches will have enough room for coaches to sit. Players must stand if they cannot spread out on the benches.
    • All players on the bench are required to wear a face mask until such time as entering the contest.
    • All coaches, managers, and non-active players will wear masks during the match.
    • ONLY the 6 players on the court DO NOT have to wear masks.
  • Teams will make across the net gesture of sportsmanship at the beginning of the match from the attack line (10’ line)
  • At the conclusion of the match, the courts and bench areas will be cleaned with Vital Oxide before the next 2 teams will be permitted onto the court.
  • There will be no warm-up outside the volleyball courts.
  • The officiating team MUST provide their own writing utensils.
  • The officiating team will consist of 5 players – 2 line judges, 1 scorekeeper, 1 libero tracker and 1 score (flipper)/BallerTV.

Spectator Protocol:

  • All spectators must wear a face covering at all times or they will not be permitted in the facility.
  • Spectators will not switch sides. If a spectator’s team is not playing they must remove themselves from the court.
  • Spectators may only have chairs in front of courts 1,3,5,7 and behind courts 2,4,6,8. We will only permit 2 rows of chairs.  We will ask you to remove your chair and sit on bleachers if we feel it is not safe.
  • Spectators are not permitted to sit in the concession area unless purchasing food/drink. If it is a of rain, we will allow spectators in the concession area.
  • FAST Complex reserves the right to remove any spectator from the building that will not comply with our protocol/rules.


  • For all events at F.A.S.T. Complex the doors will open 45 minutes before the event start time.
  • No coolers of any kind will be permitted into the building.
  • No OUTSIDE food or drink will be permitted into the building. You may eat food purchased from the F.A.S.T. Complex concession stand in the areas designated. Please pick up behind yourselves.
  • Only players are permitted to bring in bottled water and sports drink. You may not bring in cases of any of the above items.
  • No ball handling anywhere accept the volleyball courts.
  • Please refrain from climbing or sitting on any volleyball equipment. 
  • No unsupervised children in the building.
  • This is a nonsmoking building.
  • Emergency exits are for emergencies only!
  • Outside seating is allowed. Chairs are permitted in front of courts 1,3,5,7 and behind courts 2,4,6,8 only. We will only permit 2 rows of chairs You may not block entrances or exits. There must be a clear walkway in case of emergencies. If you are asked to move, please do so without any extra discussion.
  • Any unattended items left in your vehicles will not be the responsibility of F.A.S.T. Complex or Houston Juniors.
  • To ensure your car is not towed please make sure you have not parked in an area that says no parking. That is a fire zone.
  • You may set up tables in the DESIGNATED area ONLY. Please throw all trash in the trashcans.
  • F.A.S.T. Complex reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not comply with these rules.