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Blazer Media is a company devoted to creating recruiting highlight videos for athletes who want to play at the next level. The company was founded by Leon Blazer, who is a former NCAA college coach who uses his expertise and countless hours on the recruiting trail to help athletes get noticed.

The motto for Blazer Media is: “Highlight films from a coach’s perspective.” No matter the sport, these videos are sure to grab a coaches attention. Emphasis is placed on highlighting the athlete at the top of their game, and present it in a way that flows, is interesting, and highly effective.

Blazer Media has teamed up with some of the top volleyball and baseball clubs in the city to help their athletes make it to the next level. Through these connections Blazer Media has helped countless athletes get Noticed, get Scholarships, and get into College!

Pricing and Options:

Full Highlight film: $350

  • Players will submit (via mail or Dropbox) 3 full matches with time-stamps*
  • Blazer Media will edit the match footage into a full highlight video with emphasis on the player’s best contacts. Additional matches to be edited (add $75)

Skills Video: $450

  • Player will work with Blazer Media to schedule a 1.5 hour block of time to be filmed performing all the skills they would perform in competition. Blazer Media then edits the film into a skills video that the players can send out to colleges. Online link to video will be provided.

BOTH: Skills Video & Full Highlight film: $700

  • Everything listed above. Includes separate links to each video. Save $150!

Filming Information:
Contact Blazer Media for specific information about their filming service. Most filming services will be provided through our partner: Gameday Films. (*additional fee)

Highlight films will generally be 3-6 minutes in length. The main purpose of this film is to give a viewing coach a very good impression of who the athlete is, and how their abilities may be able to contribute to their program. Many parents attempt to make their own highlights but even 1 poorly considered contact can ruin a players chances with a coach. Don’t let this happen to you. Blazer Media videos will never show a rep that will take away from a players overall ability.

Skills Videos: Skills videos can be done at a venue of your choice or travel costs will be discussed on a case by case basis.

Process for Submissions: Submissions can be via Flash Drives, DVD’s, online links, online storage or Dropbox. Let us know what you have and we can design the best way to submit.

Tips for Filming: Middle back of the court on the same side the player is playing is the best angle. Grab a corner angle if middle back is not available. If the line-judge is in the way, move just to the left or right of them. Tower cam set-ups are another options, but can be limited by some venues.

Questions regarding videos: Email Leon Blazer