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TCS NIT Day 1: Star Search and Quick Hitters


The first day of the 2017 Triple Crown Sports Pre-Season NIT might be over, but the buzz is barely beginning.

The best part of the three-day event is it delivers nonstop action between many of the elite clubs from around the country. It also creates a challenge for any reporter trying to see as much of it as possible.

Add in a difficult travel day Friday, a short night’s sleep, a plane ride, a later arrival Saturday morning and, well, something’s going to give. Therefore, in addition to the Star Search below (because what talent there was in the gym Saturday in Salt Lake City!) there is also a few quick-hitting touching points from Day 1 first.

Below, I list the top players that caught my attention from opening day, starting with the best-of-the-best I witnessed in Supernovas and continuing on with Others Who Shined.


Allysa Batenhorst, OH, HJV 15 Elite – Only in eighth-grade, most would think somebody is lying about her age looking at Batenhorst’s tall frame and body control. She plays older than she is and with the ability to already hit some crazy angles by going over the block, watch out for the Class of 2021 stud. She’s on track to be a special one. Reason why so many prominent college coaches were always around her court.

TCS NIT: Star Search Day 2


Star Search from Day 2 at the Triple Crown Sports from Salt Lake City is up much later than anticipated due to a family emergency back home. It’s also why we won’t unfortunately have a Star Search from Day 3, but we’ll have recaps from all the divisions out in the next day or so.

Make sure to check for those.

Below, I list the Supernovas and the Others Who Shined – players who caught my attention the most on the second day of action. And with teams clawing their way through the gold bracket, there were plenty of worthy players, and even more that didn’t make it.

Others Who Shined:

Skylar Fields, OH, HJV 16 Elite

Claire Jeter, OH/RS, HJV 15 Elite

Kennedy Muckelroy, RS, HJV 16 Elite

Isabel Zelaya, S, HJV 16 Elite