Private Lessons


Please click the coach that you are interested in doing lessons with and an email will be sent directly to that coach for their availability!

Coaches can charge up to the amount below. There should be no charges above the amounts stated below.

$75 – Solo
$60 – 2 Athletes
$50 – 3-4 Athletes
$40 – Group of 5

Jeff Ham, Tara Cross-Battle, Kara Pratt, Lauren Rhodes, Courtnee Rhodes, Kris Lartigue, Ray Gonzales, Lilly Denoon, Chuck Schneider, Latoya Terry, Stephen Gbur, Christen Zelaya, Thomas Pratt, Jenny Adcock, Karen Traub, Chaz Hulett, Shelbi Irvin, Phil Guerrero, Andrew Gonzales, Courtney Alwell, Cydryce McMillian


$70 – Solo
$55 – 2 Athletes
$40 – 3-4 Athletes
$30 – Team Lesson (2 hours)

Amanda Quinlan, Mallory Dumont, Ali Gonzales, Stacy Holcomb, Suzanne Wright, Brittany Bradford, Jeff Peters, Lauren Peltier, Kayla Shoup, Candice Davis, Jodi Upton, Shaughnessy Hearn, Eduardo Gonzales


$60 – Solo
$45 – 2 Athletes
$25 – 3-4 Athletes and Team Lesson (2 hours)

Lindsey Loyd, Kim Louis, Chris Bell, Ashley Skinner, Emily Sweet, Ron Spell, Toria Spell, Brittany Simmons, Jessica Louis, Jalesa Beaver, Tabitha Elder, Cameron Shoffner, Marisa Guzman, Natasha Smith, Lara Little, Abby Trout, Makayla Randle, Kayla Shaw, Lisa McCoy, Kaylah Dias, Madison Ottis, Alexis Austin, Jordyan Monk, Michelle Walker, Kesler Gonzales


  • Lessons are scheduled directly through the HJV coaching staff
  • Lessons which are cancelled with less than 24 hours notification may be subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee

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