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Performance Training

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Athlete Sports Performance/Weight Room Training (Pre-Season)

Dates:  September 7th – November 27th

Days:  Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday

Times Slots:  4:00pm / 5:00pm / 6:00pm / 7:00pm

HJV Member Cost:  $160.00 per month or $450.00 (24 sessions)

NON-HJV Member Cost:  $200.00 per month or $570.00 (24 sessions)

*maximum of 24 athletes per session

To Register:  (click here)

Adult Performance and Weight Room Training:

Days:  Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Times:  Flexible

Cost:  $150.00 per month

To Register:  (click here)

  • Alexis Roberson

    HJV's Strength and conditioning will push your boundaries and make you a better player. They give workouts that will challenge you, and if you’re willing to work you’ll see results on and off the court.

  • The Folwell Family

    Our daughter has noticed a marked improvement in her on court skills after participating in the HJV Performance training.  Her performance training workouts have allowed her to train more efficiently on the court which in turn has helped boost her overall confidence as a player.  We have seen great advancements in her overall skills in a short amount of time, and we are excited to see how much more improvement is to come from the performance training. We would absolutely recommend the HJV Performance Training for all of the HJV Athletes and any athletes looking to improve their skills as well as family members wanting to improve their overall health and fitness!

  • The Gudino Family

    Our daughter is a fierce competitor and understands that in order to be competitive in volleyball, she has a responsibility to eat right and focus on her physical training.

    We have had previous experience with agility and core training, prefer the Performance Training at HJV because we believe we are getting training that is tailored specifically for her sport, not a general cookie cutter generic routine.

    Since working with the staff at HJV, we have seen an improvement in our daughter both mentally and physically.  We have seen a development in her self-confidence when it comes to challenges and when it comes to dismissing self-doubt.

    Overall, we have been incredibly happy with the foundation that has been laid and the results we have seen so far. That is why we will continue with sport specific training at HJV and at home, because building skills on the court goes hand-n-hand with building muscles in the gym. It honestly proved to her what I have been telling her all along!


  • Mona Rio

    The training program is well thought out for young athletes and adults. My kids made substantial gains in their strength over a period of several weeks. I really appreciated the time and attention given to proper form and technique rather than just focusing on weights or reps. Even my own perspective on heavy weight bearing exercises has shifted. I’ve been able to incorporate a different style of training into my regimen with positive results!

Our Sports Performance Training is led by Felipe Coronel & Diane Francis Certified (NASM) Trainers

For private training email:  Felipe Coronel