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Our primary goal is to help any athlete in our organization explore and find the right opportunity to further their education as well as compete at the collegiate level. We have built a network throughout the years during the recruitment of our former players.

Kara Pratt is the Houston Juniors VBC Full-Time Recruiting Director. As the Recruiting Director, she has developed relationships and gained knowledge of the wants and needs for college athletic programs from all levels. Her passion and drive to make sure both players/parents and college coaches are put in the best positions to be successful. Previous successes are securing 100% of the last 3 senior classes into the next level of their volleyball careers either athletically and or academically. She assists its members throughout the process and keeps them informed with the ever-changing recruiting rules. We have sent several HJV athletes to successful college volleyball careers.

The Junior Volleyball Recruiting Association (JVRA) was formed in the Fall of 2018.  Kara Pratt was asked to be apart of the Executive Board as Vice President.  The JVRA was formed with vast experience of its Executive Board Members.  With members providing experience over 50 years of college coaching and recruiting experience, 30 plus years of club coaching, programming and recruiting plus over 20 years of club, collegiate, national team and professional volleyball experience.  Houston Juniors VBC is one of the founding clubs of the JVRA.  

Houston Juniors VBC sees college as an opportunity to play volleyball but more importantly receive an education.

To contact Recruiting Director, please contact Kara Pratt.

Check out our Houston Juniors college commitments since the first recruiting class of 2012.

Houston Juniors VBC is proud to be a member of the Junior Volleyball Recruiting Association! 

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