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Crushing & Digging Clinics

CRUSHING & DIGGING:  (8th-12th grade)

MASTER SPECIFIC SHOTS & OVERALL HITTING ACCURACY AND IMPROVE DIGGING SKILLS. We will focus on individual technique, specifically on footwork and arm-swing mechanics, and will offer a large quantity of repetition on hitting and defense. Setters, Liberos and Hitters will be also working on improving their defensive skills including individual digging, overhead digging, properly diving/rolling, and making emergency/recovery moves. They will also learn how to read the hitter and situation better so defense becomes easier. The Crushing & Digging Clinics will help to enhance hitting & defensive skills for all volleyball players, regardless of their position.

DATES:  May 3101724

TIME:  5:00pm6:30pm

COST:  $50.00

TO REGISTER:  (click here)

Summer Position Clinics

DS/Liberos & Setters:  (9th-12th grade)

DATES:  June 71421

TIME:  1:00pm2:00pm

COST:  $25.00

Pins & Middle Blockers:  (9th-12th grade)

DATES: June 71421

TIME: 2:30pm3:30pm

COST:  $25.00

TO REGISTER:  (click here)

First Contact / Setting Clinics

FIRST CONTACT / SETTING:  (8th-12th grade)

THESE SESSIONS ARE DESIGNED FOR (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) DS/ LIBEROS & PIN HITTERS THAT ARE LOOKING TO ENHANCE THEIR SERVING & PASSING SKILLS. Players will receive quality instruction and a high volume of repetitions of passing, serving, & setting. These sessions intend to provide players with the tools and knowledge that will set them apart from their fellow competitors. Specific skills covered will include serving and serve receive passing. There will be work on setting technique & tempo. The clinic sessions will work on the importance of correct body positioning, eye-sequencing, and floor quickness. The First Contact & Setting Clinics will offer a valuable experience for all volleyball players, regardless of their position.

DATES:  May 3101724

TIME:  7:00pm8:30pm

COST:  $50.00

TO REGISTER:  (click here)


Come join us for 3 days of TEAM fun. This camp offers the opportunity to build TEAM CHEMISTRY while improving your players’ skills with individual technique work and 6 vs 6 drills. This camp is open to VARSITY and JV TEAMS. Do not miss out on great training and great fun! We look forward to working with your TEAM!

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december, 2022


december, 2022

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